Website Terms and Conditions


1. We thank you for entering (Here in after: “the Site”), serving as a jewelry catalogue and store.

2. The Site is operated by “Hilat Halev LTD”, Cert.
Operator: 515046928, 20 Ostoshinsky St., Rishon LeZion 75257, which sells and markets jewelry (Here in after: “”).

3. All rights to the contents, software and graphic design in the Site are reserved to

4. These terms and conditions are intended to settle the relations between the Site surfers and Hilis Jewelry.

5. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, seeing that they determine your rights and obligations.
When surfing the Site and ordering products through it, you agree and unconditionally accept all terms and conditions here in,
including the Site’s privacy policy; you also confirm that you and/or anyone on your behalf shall have no claim
and/or argument against Hilis Jewelry and/or anyone on their behalf,
except for claims relating to the violation of their undertakings under these terms and conditions.
If you do not agree to the terms herein, please refrain from surfing the Site and do not purchase products through it.

6. Definitions: “Products” – The products and/or services offered by Hilis Jewelry to surfers on the website.
“Surfers” – Individuals transacting on the Site, such as surfing, registration, purchasing, viewing and more.
“Manufacturers” – The businesses from which Hilis Jewelry purchases the products that are offered for sale on the Site.
“Activity on the Site” – Any purchase activity of the products offered on the Site.

7. Hilis Jewelry reserves the right to changes these terms and conditions from time to time.
Any such change shall apply as of publication of the updated terms on the Site.

8. For purposes of convenience only, the terms and conditions are presented in masculine form.
The content thereof relates equally to males and females.

9. In any conflict between the content herein and any other publication, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

Site Purchasing Terms

10.  The Site is intended for personal, not commercial use.

11.  Purchasing through the Site is permitted only to people over 18 years of age, operating an active e-mail address on the Internet,
a valid ID card and a valid credit card.  Site administrators or anyone on their behalf may prevent a Surfer’s participation at any time,
whether temporarily or permanently, based on their exclusive discretion and without prior notification.
Without derogating from the above, the Site administrators or anyone on their behalf my prevent Surfer participation for any of the following reasons:

1. Intentional provision of misleading details.
2. Any act or omission that harm or may harm the Site administrators or anyone on their behalf or any third parties, including other surfers and/or suppliers.
3. The credit card in your possession has been blocked or restricted for use in any way.
4. The tools offered on Site have been misused.

12.  The Product images are intended for illustration only and there may be differences between the image and the product sold, including difference in colors.

13. Hilis Jewelry is exclusively responsible for the information relating to the Products, their advertising, the price demanded for them, their delivery,
the monetary transactions relating to their acquisition, their quality and the related warranty and for any other matter whatsoever,
relating directly and indirectly to the Products and/or service sold on Site; the Manufacturers shall not be liable toward the buyers in relation to the above.

Purchasing Items through the Site

14.  The Site offers items accompanied by images.  The images are intended for illustration purposes only.
The USD price of the item is displayed next to each image.  The Product price is fixed and does not change from one customer to the next.

15.  Hilis Jewelry may, upon its absolute discretion and at any time (with no prior notice), remove the Product from the Site or change the sales terms from time to time.

16.  Payment is effected by credit card, with the option of installments, without interest, based on the purchase amount.
The card is actually charged after you confirm and placed your order on site.
The credit card details are transferred through a secured server in encoded form.

17.  In order to complete the purchase, you must complete a form with the following details: Full name, e-mail address,
mailing address (for Product delivery), telephone number, credit card details and the information on the purchased Product.
By law, you are not required to provide the said details and such submission is subject to your discretion only.
However, if you choose not to provide the above details, excluding the credit card details, your purchase proposal shall be rejected.

18.  The Product purchase is conditional upon the customer being fully and properly entered into the Site’s computer system,
with all of the details required, and upon confirmation of the purchase by the credit card company.
Hilis Jewelry will not consider requests that were not entered into the system or which were entered without all of the necessary
details or incorrectly (whatever the reason); Hilis Jewelry shall bear no liability in this regard.
Where the credit card rejects the credit card purchase or refuses to uphold your payment obligations, the purchase shall be cancelled.

19.  Where your order has been approved, notification shall be sent to the e-mail address that you provided and your
credit card will be charged the selling price, including the shipment fee.

20.  Some of the items on site are regularly on stock and some required production time.
The relevant information on Product delivery and production time shall be displayed by each item.
Not with standing the above, in exceptional instances in which the item is not in stock, the buyer will receive e-mail notification.
The notice will contain an offer to purchase an alternative Product of similar features and price (where such product exists);
if the new proposal is accepted by the buyer, the order details shall be updated to relate to the alternate product.
Where the buyer chooses to reject the new offer or where no response is received within 14 days of the new proposal,
the original purchase shall be cancelled and the buyer shall not be charged.
It is important to note that notice of item unavailability shall be sent on a business day close to the order date
and the customer will be given the option to cancel the order at no cost.

Product Delivery

21.  Hilis Jewelry delivers the items nationwide, using the Israel Postal Company registered mail service.
The delivery dates displayed on Site are based on the Israel Postal Company regulations.
The customer shall receive notice of a package at the post office nearest his home and he shall be responsible for picking up the parcel.

22.  Delivery time calculation shall consider business days only (Sun. – Thurs., excluding holiday eves and holidays).

23.  Hilis Jewelry shall not be liable for any delay in delivery derived of events out of its control, such as strikes or shutdowns,
flaws in the communications, telephony and/or computer systems, acts of hostility and/or force majeure; in such cases,
Hilis Jewelry may cancel the purchase or delay the delivery date, upon its discretion.
It is hereby clarified that where the delay exceeds 14 business days, the delivery shall be subject to buyer approval.

Buyer Purchase Cancellation

24.  Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, a buyer may cancel the acquisition of a Product by written notice (including facsimile or e-mail).

25.  The buyer may cancel the transaction in writing within 14 days of receiving the Product or the transaction detail document, the later of the two.

26.  The cancellation request must be sent by e-mail to
The request must include the buyer’s details, transaction details and reason for cancellation.
Hilis Jewelry may refuse to accept a request that is not sent as stated above.

27.  Where a transaction is cancelled due to a defect or disparity, the amount paid will be refunded within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice;
you will not be charged any cancellation fee.  Where the product has been supplied, you must return it to the Hilis Jewelry offices by registered mail,
where the delivery expenses shall be borne by Hilis Jewelry.

28.  Where a transaction is cancelled for a reason other than a defect or mismatch, the Product must be returned to the
Hilis Jewelry offices at 20 Ostoshinsky St., Rishon LeZion, Israel. in its entirety, in the original package and without flaw.
Where returned within 14 days of the cancellation notice, the amount paid will be refunded less a cancellation fee of 30% of the transaction
amount and excluding shipping charges. For free shipping we will charge 5$ on the shipping.

Purchase Cancellation

29.  Hilis Jewelry and/or anyone on its behalf reserves the right to cancel a sale upon the occurrence of one of the following:
a technical fault that led to the display if misleading information regarding the Product and/or purchase,
an exceptional human error in presenting the Product details, price, payment terms, etc.  In such case, the buyer will notified respectively by e-mail.

30.  Hilis Jewelry and/or the Site administrators and/or anyone on their behalf shall not be responsible for the participant’s receiving
the cancellation notice by e-mail, where the e-mail address provided upon registration was wrong or in the event of a technical flaw.
It shall hereby be clarified that Hilis Jewelry and/or the Site administrators and/or anyone on their behalf shall in no way be liable for the cancellation
of the sale due to reasons set forth above and will not credit and/or remunerate the Surfers for such cancellation.

31.  Where the credit card company refuses to uphold all of the buyer’s undertakings, the transaction shall be cancelled and you
shall be charged a cancellation fee as set forth herein.


32.  HILIS does not undertake that the Site services will be provided properly and continuously, without interruption and without errors.

33.  HILIS may, at any time, discontinue or disconnect or limit Site Activity, fully or partially, including for the purpose of maintenance and/or
construction and/or in the event of printing error made in good faith relating to the Product description and/or sales terms;
this does not and will not subject HILIS to any liability.

34.  HILIS and/or anyone on its behalf shall not be liable and shall not be charged for any damage and/or expense and/or loss and/or impairment,
direct and/or indirect, including pain an suffering caused to the Site Surfers and/or their computers and/or any third party due to and/or
resulting from participation in Site Activity, accessing the Site, surfing the Site or the inability to enter and/or surf the Site and/or as a result
of exposure to computer problems (including viruses) while using the Site and/or relying on the information therein and/or any part thereof.

35.  HILIS and/or anyone on its behalf shall not be responsible for sites containing links to the Site, including the content presented therein.

36.  Purchased Products shall be guaranteed by HILIS as set forth in the warranty attached to each item.
In accordance with the various substances in each item.  Each item is presented for sale on the Site along with the warranty terms relevant to it.
The guarantee will apply provided the Product was used in a proper and reasonable manner, as set forth in the warranty.
A item that is not intact shall be replaced by an identical/similar new product or a monetary credit will be granted upon HILIS’ sole discretion.
The delivery expense for the broken item shall be borne by the customer and the customer shall not be charged the cost of shipping
the new product or monetary credit.

Intellectual Property

37.  All of the rights, of any kind and form (including creators’ rights and intellectual property rights), to the Site, its name,
any part thereof and any of the activities therein, belong exclusively to Hilis Jewelry and/or third parties,
including the Manufacturers who granted Hilis Jewelry permission to use them.

38.  Without derogating from the generality of the above, Hilis Jewelry is the exclusive owner of the concepts underlying the Site and all of the Activities therein,
the names and trademarks, the Site design, graphics, trade secrets relating to Site operation and operating the Activities and Site
content as it may be from time to time (including graphic files and video and audio files) (Hereinafter, together with the beginning of this
item: “Protected Information”).

39.  Protected Information and/or any part thereof may not be copied, altered, published, broadcast, transferred, sold, distributed, reproduced,
presented in public or commercially used – whether directly or indirectly – unless Hilis Jewelry explicitly approved it in advance and in writing.

40.  Creating links to the Site is absolutely prohibited, unless HILIS granted its approval thereto in advance and in writing.

Privacy Policy

41.  As in many websites, you will be required to submit identification details as a condition to ordering products.
You are not legally required to submit such information, but in the absence thereof, you will be unable to purchase products through the Site.

42.  Any submission of information to the Site shall be construed as approval for compiling, using and disclosing the submitted
information based on the terms set forth herein.

43.  Prior to providing the required details, please confirm that the Site privacy policy is clear to you.

44.  When using the Site, we may compile information relating to your customs, surfing habits, products and services purchased or which you wished to sell,
information or adverts that you read on Site, the pages that you watched, the offers and services that interested you, the payment methods that you used,
the computer used to access websites and more.  This information can be compiled with various tools and technologies, such as IP address compilation,
Cookies, Web Beacons and Internet tags.
Following is a short explanation of these term:

1. An IP address is a number that your ISP attaches to your computer in order for you to connect to the Internet.
It is considered non-identifying information seeing that, in most cases, IP addresses change whenever logging onto the Internet.
2. Cookie – A small information packet that the site sends your browser, helping the site remember information about you and your preferences –
the information collected in this manner is non-identifying.  If you do not wish to accept Cookies, you can avoid it by changing your browser settings.
In addition, Cookies can be deleted from your computer at any given moment.
3. Web Beacons – Tiny graphic files with a unique identifier, embedded in Internet pages and responsible for helping compile information on website viewing and use.
The compiled information does not identify you, but is rather intended for purposes of analysis, research and control.
4. Internet tags are smaller than Cookies, providing site servers with information such as the UP address and the browser type characterizing the users’ computer.

45.  Hilis Jewelry shall maintain all of the information about you (including data provided upon registration) in its databases.
This information will only be used in accordance with these terms and conditions and subject to legal provisions for the purposes set forth below:

1. To enable you to use the Site
2. To contact you by e-mail, as set forth below
3. To contact you regarding Product purchases
4. To properly operate and develop the Site
5. To improve and enrich the Site Activities and to adjust them to user requirements and expectations;
this will be based on mostly statistical data that does not personally identify you
6. To crate personal areas on the Site, where you can specify your preferences
7. To match the advertisements displayed to you when visiting the Site to your areas of interest.
The information that Hilis Jewelry will use for this purpose will not identify you personally
8. To analyze and submit statistical information to third parties, including advertisers.
The information that Hilis Jewelry will use for this purpose will not identify you personally
9. For any other purpose set forth herein.

46.  Hilis Jewelry shall not provide third parties with the details, data and information compiled about your Site Activities
(where such details and information identify you in person), except as set forth below:

1. If you violate the Site terms of use or the terms of use of other sites or if you use the Site to conduct acts that are allegedly
illegal or attempt to conduct such acts
2. If a judicial order is received, instructing Hilis Jewelry to disclose your details or information to a third party
3. Regarding any dispute, claim, contention, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Hilis Jewelry.
4. If Site Activities are conducted by another corporation or merged into a third party activity,
Hilis Jewelry shall be entitled to provide the said corporation with information relating to you, provided the said corporation accepts the terms here in
regarding the privacy policy.

47.  Hilis Jewelry operates data security systems and procedures on the Site to reduce – albeit not completely cancel –
the risks of unauthorized penetration of Hilis Jewelry computers.
Hilis Jewelry does not guarantee that its systems and/or Site shall be absolutely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

48.  When registering to the Site and submitting your e-mail details, you authorized Hilis Jewelry to send you e-mail notices,
including updates relating to the Site and/or marketing and advertising content – whether information that it publishes on its own or
information received for distribution from other advertisers.
This information shall be sent to your e-mail address.
If you do not wish to continue receiving such commercial information you may, at any time, withdraw your consent
and discontinue receipt of the commercial information by contacting the Site administration.

49.  Hilis Jewelry does not guarantee that the e-mail services shall operate properly without interruption and/or faults and/or that they
will be immune to hacking into your e-mail account.
There may be instances in which all or part of the items in your mailbox will be deleted, including distribution lists.
Thus, Hilis Jewelry shall not be liable for any damage – direct or indirect – including pain and suffering and such, caused to you and/or
your property and/or third parties as a result thereof.

49.11 Site is secure with PCI-DSS Standard.

Discontinuing Surfer Activity

50.  In the event that the terms herein are violated (including by way of submission of false details) and/or if your
credit card has been blocked and/or limited and/or for any act or omission that impairs or may impair HILIS, the Site, advertisers on the Site,
activities therein and/or users thereof (Hereinafter: “Violation”), HILIS may, upon its sole discretion and without prior notice,
prevent you from using the Site, cancel your registration thereto and block your access to the Site.

51.  In the event of Violation, HILIS shall be entitled, upon its sole discretion, to disclose your name and details relating to you in any legal proceeding,
even in the absence of a judicial warrant to this effect.

52.  In the event of Violation, the violator shall compensate and/or remunerate HILIS for any expense, payment, damage,
loss and lost profit caused by the violation of the terms herein.

Shortened Statute of Limitations

53.  The statute of limitations for any claim against HILIS and/or anyone on its behalf is six months, as of the date on which the grounds of the claim occurred.

Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction

54.  Use of the Site and any matter relating thereto or derived thereof shall be subject to the laws of the State of Israel only.

55.  The sole and exclusive jurisdiction for any matter and issues arising of and/or relating to HILIS and/or anyone on its behalf and/or
the Site shall be granted to the authorized courts in Tel Aviv Yaffo, who will have sole jurisdiction in any such matter and the use of the
Site shall be subject solely to the laws of the State of Israel.